Aged care services can come at a steep price. It is no wonder many older Australians or their children consider selling or renting the family home to pay for care when planning to move into a Springwood aged care facility.

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The property value plays a key role in the income and assets assessment conducted by authorised government bodies, such as the ACAT. This formal assessment determines if you need to pay the means-tested care fee and accommodation fee, how much you need to pay, and until when.

In Australia, you will be asked to pay a bit more if it is determined that you are financially capable of doing so. What one can afford is determined by the individual’s assessed income and assets. This will help you search aged care in QLD to help you find the most suitable facility for your loved one. Your home is counted as an asset, except under the following circumstances:

  1. Your spouse or children (dependent) use the family home as their residence
  2. You have a carer living in the family home for at least two years who is eligible under the Australian Government income support payment.
  3. You have a relative living in the family home for at least five years who is eligible under the Australian Government income support payment.
  4. Your home’s value is capped at $166,707.20. If the fair market value (FMV) of your home exceeds $166,707.20, it will be listed as an asset at this amount. If the FMV is lower than the cap, the entire FMV amount is included in your assessment.

If you are entering an aged care residence like Springwood aged care as a couple, you are considered co-owners of your combined assets and income. The home value cap applies to each of you.

Most who are shopping for a residential facility for aged care in QLD consider selling the family home to pay for the lump-sum amount (Refundable Accommodation Deposit or RAD).

But there is an option to pay in smaller installments, otherwise known as the Daily Accommodation Payment or DAP. Because of this option, some decide to convert their family home into a rental and use the income to pay for the DAP. You can consult an Arcare Queensland aged care centre to help you out.

Note that any income from renting out your property is counted as an income during your assessment. However, your rental income is excluded from your assessment if these three conditions are met:

  1. You entered the facility before January 1, 2016
  2. You paid your accommodation payment in installments
  3. You applied your rental income to defray a portion of or the total of your accommodation payment

The government removed the exemption beginning January 1, 2016 to align residents who paid in installments with those who paid in lump-sum. The caps, annual and lifetime, are in place to protect residents from paying more than they have to.

Final Word

Selling or converting the family home into a rental are common measures used to finance your or a loved one’s needs to live in a QLD aged care facility. Each option has its own pros and cons so make sure you get a good sense of which is most compatible with your current financial state.

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